Frequently Asked Questions
What is UpgradePays?

UpgradePays is a 'FREE' service where members have the opportunity to earn cash viewing advertisements.

How It Works?

Registering is free.

After registering take a tour to our website and click advertisements to earn cash.

Upgrade your account if you want to earn more from your referrals clicks and to start earning from referrals upgrades.

Go to your Account and click on 'Upgrade Account' on side bar menu.

Choose your desired membership and start earning.

How Can I Start Earning?

You will earn up to $10.00 per each referral upgrade if you are a upgraded member yourself.

You will earn up to $0.02 per each Daily ADclick we offer.

You will earn also up to $0.02 per each click your referrals make on our Daily ADclicks.

To bring referrals you need to use your referral link or banner.

You can find your referral link clicking on 'BANNERS' link in account menu.

We also offer you the option to buy or rent referrals.